A professional logo designer usually follows a certain process when designing a logo. Most of the time the logo design process goes something like this:

Step One: Get to know the client and their business.

This is usually done by asking the client questions or having them fill out a questionnaire. Many designers ask about the client’s style preferences as well. The results of this are often referred to as the Design Brief.

Step Two: Do visual research.

Step Two of the Logo Design Process: researching different logos
Visual research includes looking at the logos of the client’s competitors and other businesses in their industry, and looking at logos from different industries for inspiration. Doing this helps the designer start generating ideas, and helps them avoid creating a logo that is too similar to the client’s competitors’ logos.

Step Three: Sketch & brainstorm ideas.

Step Three of the Logo Design Process: sketching different logo ideas
After learning about the client’s business and doing visual research, it’s time to start generating ideas. Some designers go straight to the computer to do this, but many of the top logo designers recommend sketching ideas first.

Depending on the project we may spend a few days to a week sketching ideas to allow time for truly great ideas to show up. Creativity takes time. It’s often not a good choice to go with the very first idea you come up with.

(Some designers ask for client feedback after this step, some don’t.)

Step Four: Produce one or more logo concepts on the computer.

Step Four of the Logo Design Process: creating the logo

Once we have decided on the best concept(s) it’s time to start working on the digital version of the logo. Contrary to popular belief, this step often takes more than a few hours. Depending on the complexity of the design, the number of options considered (concepts, fonts, colors), and the level of client involvement, it can take from a few days to a few weeks.

Step Five: Receive client feedback and implement any necessary changes.

Professional logo designers obviously want to create the best possible logo for your business (which is why we ask you questions, do research, and sketch ideas, unlike most cheap logo designers) but we also know that no matter how effective our design might be for making an impression on your audience, if you hate it you aren’t going to use it. And that reduces it’s effectiveness to zero. So we ask for feedback in order to create an effective logo that you are happy to use.

Step Six: Finalize the vector file and create a few different size image files to send to the client.

Once the client has approved the final design, we make sure everything is aligned properly and in the right format, and then create a few image files (.png .jpg .gif) of the logo in a few different sizes.

We may also put together a logo style guide and/or start working on any additional graphics (business cards, images for social media, etc.)

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