A lot of people want to know why logo design is so expensive. It’s just a small, often extremely simple image that couldn’t possibly take more than an hour to create, right?


Well sort of. There are people out there who will create a logo for you in an hour or two and won’t charge you very much to do it. But that’s because those people are producing the very first idea they came up with, without giving any thought as to how it will affect your business.

Most of the people who will create a logo in under 72 hours or for under $100 have never studied logo design.

They don’t ask any questions about your business. They don’t research your competitors. They don’t sketch or brainstorm ideas. And they don’t consider which concepts best fit the needs of your business.

They basically skip 90% of the typical logo design process.

They may be able to produce a cool looking image using design software, but they don’t know how to design an effective logo.

What do I mean by effective logo?

An effective logo is one that clearly represents the personality and style of the business. It should be easy to recognize & remember, look good at any size (from as small as your business card to as large as a billboard), and age well (i.e. it won’t look outdated in 5-10 years).

Ugly logos tend to be tend to be much more complicated and use more colors (and some pretty bad color combinations too) which makes the logos harder to remember, and means that they’ll be unrecognizable at small sizes, and expensive to print. Several use too many different fonts, or inappropriate/ugly fonts. Many use clip art, meaning that hundreds of other people are using the exact same image somewhere. And many are clearly homemade.

These things make a logo look unprofessional, which in turn makes the company look unprofessional.

A cheap logo design can cost you business.

You’d rather buy a computer, phone, clothes, or, well, almost everything from a real store rather than some shady looking guy on a street corner, right?

So would your customers.

When you have a cheap logo created by an amateur who has never studied the qualities of a good logo and who completely disregards the typical logo design process, you risk looking more like that shady guy on the street corner than a real business.

And your potential customers won’t want to risk buying from you.

So while a logo is often a simple, small image, the good ones take quite a bit of time and effort to produce.

If you want an attractive, professionally crafted logo that reflects the personality and style of your business, you’ll want to invest in professional logo design.

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