Logos are often extremely simple looking images and because of this a lot of people assume that they couldn’t possibly take more than an hour or two to create. Which causes people to wonder why logo design is so expensive.

“How can designers charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for just a few hours of work?!” they ask.

Because it takes a lot more than a few hours.

Professional logo designers follow a logo design process that includes asking questions about your business and design preferences, doing visual research, sketching and brainstorming ideas, and considering which concepts best fit the needs of your business.

EACH STEP takes at least a few hours.

Some of you may be wondering “What’s the big deal with all the steps? Why not just skip straight to creating the logo?”

Well, we could do that, but whatever we come up with is likely to be nowhere near as good as a logo that we put time and effort into creating.

If we don’t ask questions about your business, we can’t create a logo that accurately represents the personality and style of your business.

If we don’t do any visual research, we might create a logo that is way too similar to one or more of your competitors’ logos.

If we don’t sketch or brainstorm ideas, we don’t give ourselves a chance to get the bad and boring ideas out of the way so that we have an opportunity to come up with something truly great.

If we don’t consider which concepts best fit the needs of your business, you may end up with a logo that looks ok, but doesn’t really fit the way you want to represent your business. And those kinds of subtle inconsistencies will drive your potential customers away.

If we don’t take the time to ensure we are creating a quality vector image, you may run into problems later like not being able to reproduce your logo at the size you want (Errors that go unnoticed when a logo is 2 inches tall are a lot more noticeable when you put it on a store sign, on a car, or on a billboard.), or having to pay double the printing costs because the first batch didn’t turn out right (Always ask for a test proof before printing – your printer is not likely to give you a free redo unless THEY screwed up. And hiring a competent logo designer is your job, not theirs.).

Logo design is only “expensive” when the designer is dedicated to producing quality work.

You know that old saying “you get what you pay for”? Well it applies to design too.

A professional logo designer tends to be either offended or amused at the idea that any idiot with a copy of Photoshop can create a good logo because we know how much work really goes into creating good logos. (And we know that Photoshop isn’t the right program for creating logos.)

We know the qualities of a good logo and want to create something that we (and you) can be proud of.

We follow a logo design process to ensure our clients are getting the best possible results.

You can hire a cheap logo designer if you want to, but doesn’t it make more sense to invest in professional logo design for your business?